I’m honored to be included in these two new anthologies, Sandstone and Montana Noir.

Sandstone: An Anthology to Support This House of Books

An excerpt from Carrie’s story, “Colt the Bull-Riding Hasid”:
“It was a chance for me to leave Crown Heights and settle with blissful anticipation into one of the cramped steel tubes that sailed above us, carrying lucky strangers to destinations I had dreamed of all my life. Montana. It even sounded sunlit and handsome. But visiting the shochet, the kosher butcher, watching at close range the prayer followed fast by the slice and bleed, shining steel machinery rocking the nervous steers into place like so much wild-eyed meat, had left my stomach clenched and my taste for steak an uncomfortable memory.”


Montana Noir

An excerpt from Carrie’s story, “Bad Blood”:
“Beyond the plate glass nine stories up, postcard views extended from sandstone cliffs to the north and southeast down to the swift Yellowstone fringed by refineries. This town, she thought. Country clubs and nickel casinos, half the folks trying to be something fancier than they were and the other half just trying to get by. PR would never understand that they’d have more credibility here in boots and jeans than suits.”


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