The Home Place is one of the year’s strongest debuts.” Oline H. Cogdill, Associated Press

“Walloping in suspense, drama, rage, and remorse, this debut is an accomplished literary novel of the new West.” Library Journal

“La Seur makes a very assured debut. Her characters are rich and believable; the plot is perfectly paced with mystery and romance enough to keep the reader hooked. And it’s all played against a beautifully drawn Montana backdrop.” Booklist

“La Seur entices readers with impeccable prose imbued with a blend of romance, nostalgia and suspense.” Kirkus Reviews

“The most immediate beauty of Carrie La Seur’s debut novel, The Home Place, is that it proves itself to be a myth-buster in both storyline and in theme from the opening paragraph.” Fiction Writers Review

“Upon returning to Montana in the wake of her younger sister’s mysterious death, Alma Terrebonne learns that her family’s past is just as wild and unpredictable as the unforgiving natural world. And like the natural world, Alma’s family has only one law: Survival. Like thin ice on the face of a frozen lake, once this novel is cracked open it’ll pull you in and dare you to come up for air. In Alma Terrebonne, Carrie La Seur has forged a heroine who’s just as smart as her creator. The Home Place is a lot of things: a mystery, a crime drama, a family saga, and – most importantly – a very, very good book.”  Wiley Cash, New York Times bestselling author of This Dark Road to Mercy

“Powerfully evocative and page-turning.”  Rosamund Lupton, New York Times bestselling author of Sister and Afterwards

“”Carrie La Seur’s début is a gripping story of family, love and murder. Set against an indelibly drawn Montana landscape, The Home Place explores the intangible ways we are both defined by and in opposition to the people and places we call home.” Tara Conklin, New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl

“Carrie La Seur spent a decade writing her debut, and it shows in the gorgeously crafted sentences, the layered characters, and the perfect evocation of our longing to find our place in the world. The Home Place is rooted both in La Seur’s own history as a lawyer and Montana ex-pat, and her deep understanding of human nature.”  Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of six novels, most recently Someone Else’s Love Story

“Carrie La Seur’s The Home Place gives great insight into the things that define who we are. Home — the people, place and circumstances we cannot control, but sometimes have to face in order to understand who we are inside. Place — the landscape, pride, and weather, all far beyond our control but also important to who we become… This will be a great book to put into the hands of Montana natives and those who want to understand the place!”  Barbara Theroux, Fact & Fiction Books, Missoula, Montana

“This is really a very tight, tangled and raw first novel that stays in my head even after several months. Keep your eye out for Carrie La Seur – she’s the real deal.” Jackie Blem, Tattered Cover, Denver, Colorado

“A successful attorney living in a Seattle high-rise, Alma Terrebonne has distanced herself from her rural Montana roots and pushed painful adolescent memories and troubled family members as far away as she can manage. At the opening of The Home Place , Carrie La Seur’s gripping debut novel, Alma is jolted from her fast-paced, comfortable life when she hears the news of her younger sister’s sudden death. Back in Billings Alma must grapple with her sister’s demons, fight a predatory coal company and ultimately face issues that she has been running away from for years. Any novel of the West worth its salt honors the landscape as a character shaper and a character itself. The sweep of the land, the bitter winter cold and the endless sky populate The Home Place as memorably as its many quirky, troubled, compelling and very human residents. I loved The Home Place , a deeply satisfying page turner filled with heart, human foible and a transcendent link to the land.” Cathy Langer, Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver, Colorado